Sheep Shearing

I would be happy to shear your small flock.

  • Distance: Must be within 75 miles of Reston, Virginia.
  • Flock Size: I can shear up to 10 sheep in a day; more might be possible, or I might have to split a larger flock between two days.
  • Tools: I can use both an electric shearer and blades (hand shears). 
  • ASI Certified Shearer


If you are looking for a demonstration for a museum, craft fair, or other historical venue please contact me. I have a MA degree in Museum Studies, 16 years' experience in museum education, and I am comfortable talking with the public while demonstrating.

The blades (hand shears) that I use have not changed much in thousands of years so they are appropriate for any time period. I can even demonstrate in historical costume, particularly mid- to late-1700s.

 Sometimes I shear camels, too!

Sometimes I shear camels, too!