Nostradamus: philosopher, astrologer, and perfume guru

Most of us associate Nostradamus with portents of the future. But, in 1552 he also published 2 recipe books: one on preserving fruits, the other for producing articles of the toilet. Here is the introduction to a translation of his work: "TWO BOOKS by the renowned and highly learned philosopher, astrologer and physician, Michael Nostradamus.

"In which a true, thorough and complete account is given as to how a disfigured body, be it of man or woman, may be externally embellished, beautified and rejuvenated as well as the correct and proper methods of preparing all kinds of aromatic, precious and potent lotions, powders, oils, soaps, perfumed candles and musk balls for use against all kinds of infirmities. And how, in the second part, all kinds of fruits may be preserved in sugar in the most skilful and delectable manner and stored against a time of need. Originally written by him in the French language; now, however, for the benefit of our fatherland, it has been translated into ordinary German in the most excellent manner by Hieremias Martius, appointed Doctor of Medicine at Augsburg.

"Not to be reprinted - by order of His Imperial Roman Majesty. MDLXXII." (1572)