Musk and civet perfumes. (1829)

Take 2 penny-weights of pure musk, 12 grains of civet, and 1 penny-weight of the residuum of spirit of ambergris. Make this into a paste, with 2 ounces of spirit of musk, made by infusion. Powder it with loaf sugar, and mix in 16 pounds of fine hair powder."

These three scents-- musk, civet, and ambergris-- were extremely popular in 17th, 18th, and 19th century perfume recipes. They are all animal-based and very strong; consider the proportion of scent to powder in the recipe above. They are almost impossible to obtain naturally now; musk and civet cannot be taken humanely from the animal, and ambergris is rare and expensive.  They have all been replaced by synthetics in most cases... and, to the civet cat and musk deer, this is all for the better.

Source: Mackenzie's Five Thousand Receipts, 1829