Don't Try This At Home: To Ward Off Mosquitos

A preparation made of fifty drops of carbolic acid and one ounce of glycerine. Apply this to the skin. The bite may also be instantly cured by touching it with the solution. Two or three drops of attar of roses may be added to the preparation, to disguise the smell. This solution has a more powerful odor than the pure crystallized form of the acid." You're going to want to find a different insect repellant, trust us on this. Carbolic acid, while it has its uses in various industries, can also produce burns on human tissue. And, as the recipe frankly states, it smells. The other two ingredients are no problem, though-- glycerine is a wonderful emollient (softens skin), and attar of roses (aka rose essential oil) is one of our favorite scents.

If you really want to go the natural route, we'd suggest an insect repellant that contains certain essential oils, such as peppermint or rosemary, which also repel insects. Check your natural food store-- they probably have a selection.

Source: Deportment and Social Culture, 1882.