For a pimpled Face.

Having Roche Allum, common Salt, and live Brimstone, of each half an Ounce, of White Sugar Candy and Sperma Ceti, of each one Dram, pound them and sift them fine, put them into a Pint Bottle, add White Lilly Water and Spring Water, of each an Ounce and a half, and a Quarter of a Pint of Brandy, shake them well together and set them by for Use. When you go to Bed bathe the Face well with this Wash, shaking the Bottle, lay a Linnen Rag dipped in it over the Face, and in a Week or Fortnight at most it will perfectly cure." This recipe has several interesting points. Its active ingredient, "brimstone," is also known as sulphur, and is used in some modern acne treatments. So, it is possible that this recipe would actually do some good against acne. However, the sugar is not a good ingredient, as some food-like materials can "feed" the bacteria that causes acne. (Corn starch is one of the biggest offenders.)

Alum ("roche allum") can be found in the spice aisle of the grocery store, as can salt, though either of them would be painful on an open wound. Spermaceti is a type of wax obtained from the sperm whale, an endangered species, so hunting them now is illegal. Beeswax is often used as a substitute, though wax of any kind will also exacerbate acne.

Source: The Whole Duty of a Woman, 1737.