If You Find Yourself in Ancient Egypt: Wigs

It would be a mistake to think that wigs are the realm solely of those who need assistance with their crowning glory.  As everyone knows, wigs can be of great use to those wishing to succeed socially and even romantically; they are used by the young and old alike and should really  be viewed as an additional adornment rather than a crutch. In the well-known tale of the Two Brothers, the evil wife falsely accuses her brother-in-law of making advances to her, claiming that he said, "Come, let's spend an hour sleeping (together). You shall put on your wig."(1)  In the right context, wigs can be as enticing as fine jewelry or a new linen kilt! Make sure you purchase a wig from a reputable wig-maker.  The curls should be treated with a mixture containing enough beeswax to set them,(2) so they do not lose their shape easily.  And, pay attention to style! As with everything, wig styles change; some years the mode is for a mass of short curls, and at other times a longer, swept-back look is in.  You don't want to be caught at a banquet with an outdated wig.


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